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Manager Ahmed Hussein

Manager Ahmed Hussein is the senior and Project Manager of Skopas Engineering Consultancy; an enthusiastic and innovative professional with extensive experience in the world of engineering, administration, and project management. He is very passionate about planning and well tap into his knowledge of project management.

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Sr. Structural Engineer Ahmed Ragab

Engineer Ahmed Ragab is the Senior Structural Engineer of Skopas Engineering Consultancy. He has more than 10 years of experience in the world of engineering and field of construction in Gulf. He enthusiastically shares his knowledge and experiences with the team. He is very meticulous in inspecting and and choosing every single materials will be used in the site.

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Engineer Mohammed Elsayyad

Engineer Mohammed is the structural Engineer of Skopas Engineering Consultancy. He has been working for almost 10 years in the field of engineering, exploring and sharing his expertise in the world of building and construction.

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Architect Eslam Mohammed

Architect Eslam has been sharing his knowledge and expertise in designing and drawing for 4 years in the field of Deigning. He is the architect of Skopas Engineering Consultancy. He has acquired his license and membership of the Society of Engineers since 2015. He is keen in showing his ideas into designs and making it visible through proposals and presentations..

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Muhammad Suleiman

Muhammad is a professional draughtsman of Skopas Engineering Consultancy; a detail- oriented, and has a broad knowledge of different architectural and structural bearings. Has knowledge with proper rules and regulations related to building and construction in UAE. He liaises with the architects and engineers to gather data, calculate dimensions, weight limitations and required requirements.

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Catherine Duque

Catherine has been sharing her keen at work as Project Manager’s Assistant of SKopas Engeering Consultancy for more than 5 years. She is dedicated and very responsible in making her work well detailed and updated having timely, accurate, and efficient preparation and management in the system and printed files.

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Amira Salintes

Amira is the administrative Assistant of Skopas Engineering Consultancy. She joined the team 4 years ago to share her expertise in administrative work. She has been responsible in providing various kinds of administrative assistance towards the team, client, contractors, and other work- related people and companies.

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